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Renting a Space

In the last post we discussed buying a property for your business and why this is important for investing purposes as well. This post was aimed at the more seasoned business owner and for more information on this post click here. Today we will speak to the newbie entrepreneur looking for a space to rent.
Renting a space can be a time consuming proposition but is necessary for the business owner that has meetings and has a hard time being productive at home. Also if you have employees you might want them to have a central place to meet and get their work done. In a future post we will look at business incubator spaces for very new startups, but below we will discuss 5 elements you should look for in a space you are looking to rent.
1. Understand your market – You want to make sure you understand the real estate market so you know the typical pricing you can expect to pay. You want to also know the good areas from the bad so you know where is a good place to have a business, because bad areas can deter clients from meeting with you.

Buying a Building for Your Business

On this blog we talk a lot about starting and running a business in order to help new and seasoned entrepreneurs succeed. This site is for entrepreneurs of all ages and stages in their career and we always aim to bring you the most up to date information possible.

In this post we will discuss topics relevant to more seasoned entrepreneurs looking to purchase a property for their business or an investment property for their corporation. Either way this is an important step for a business and these tips can help you purchase the right property for your business.

  • Research the property:¬†Before any purchases are made you should always visit the property and conduct a site visit. Often times business owners come across dilapidated properties that may seem run down to the naked eye, but can be a diamond in the rough to the right person. Using a business like a tree care service, they can help make any property look new again. One such business our partners have used and recommends is Nashua Tree Care. ¬†Cutting down trees, and clearing a property can do wonders for the curb appeal.

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