5 Free Marketing Tips for Small Business

Marketing is vital to business success and without it you will not be in business for a long time. You can not start a business without some type of plan for marketing your business or you will find that you have a growing issue with cash flow.

Marketing is one of those areas of business that some people do not like doing but is necessary for growing a business. There are a lot of free marketing strategies you can use at the beginning to get work in the door so you can grow your marketing budget. Developing a marketing budget is important because free marketing often time requires a lot of your time and time is money.

When you begin marketing your business you should have a plan in mind on how to approach people, answers to typical questions asked, and what are your goals with each particular type of marketing (are you meeting a quota, getting so many leads, booking so many customers). How every you decide to move forward with your marketing is important to the success of your efforts.

Below we will discuss five free marketing tips to help in the beginning stages of starting and growing your business.

1. Attend networking events – This may sound simple but many small business owners fail to do this step. Find out where your local entrepreneur meetings are, or call your local Chamber of Commerce for more information on meeting locations for small business. If this does not work use a website called meetup.com.

2. Talk to family and friends – Though this may be something you do not want to do, it is something you should do. Often times business owners overlook their own family and friends that may have contacts with your next customer. You never know unless you ask and the more ways you get your business name out there the better chance you have to land new customers.

3. Develop a website – Getting online is important in this day and age of technology. Though developing a website may seem overwhelming, today there are a number of free online website creation programs to help get any small business owner started. With many of these online website creation programs there are templates included that can have you creating a good quality site with minimum problems.

4. Use your mentors – Most likely if you are starting a business then you have had people mentor you along the way. Whatever your product or service is, there is a chance you learned this from someone else. If this is the case your mentor probably has an extensive network which can possibly help get your business.

5. Use social media – Social media is a growing medium for a lot of different task. This is a great way to market your product or services for free. Just watch that you do not get on a lot of them and waste your time. Research the ones where your target audience are and get on these and then begin telling people what you do and how you can help solve their problem.

These are just a few tips and strategies to help a small business market themselves, but we must reiterate that many of these are just used at the beginning stages to help you get customers and grow your marketing budget. As your budget grows you can begin to look at additional marketing  strategies to help take your business to the next level.

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