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Pundits on the right side of the political spectrum say the U.S. economy is growing again and poised for even stronger growth in the future.
On the other hand, pundits on the left say that President Trump will wreck the economy and bring inflation back with a vengeance.
Here at SNH Disposal the pundits on our staff (Ernie in accounting and Bev in human resources) say they don’t have a clue which way the economy is going!
But they do agree on one thing. The southern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts area is growing like gangbusters. And no matter what the future economy may hold, this local growth trend isn’t about to slow down any time soon.
So what happens when thousands of new families move into an area? 
They consume millions of dollars worth of additional food products, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning products, TVs and other appliances, paper products and much more.
And where does all of the packaging this mountain of new stuff comes in end up? 
That’s right… it either gets recycled or it heads to the dump. 
Excuse us, the proper term these days is landfill. But to Fred (72) in maintenance, it’s still fondly known as the dump!
As for the thousands of new businesses pouring into the area, all of their waste and refuse needs to get carted away and recycled too. 
The truth is, New Hampshire is one of the greatest places on the planet to live and do business.
In fact, the worse things get everywhere else (say, California?), the more people decide to become Granite Staters. 
Which is all right with us! 
We welcome good people everywhere to plant themselves here in the Granite State and make their contribution to the health and growth of our culture and our economy.
And that’s not just talking trash! 
Speaking of which, at SNH Disposal we eat, sleep and live trash. And we don’t discriminate. Every kind of trash is all right with us!
You discard it, and we’ll come get it. That’s not exactly our motto, but it is our mission in life! 
We pickup trash, we recycle trash and we dispose of trash. 
And we take pride in doing the best job possible, in the most efficient manner, with the hardest working crew that’s whipped into shape by the nicest office staff you’ll find anywhere (…we had to say that or we might lose some vacation days!)
You may have heard of the term “first responder”? We all know that police and firefighters are first responders. We’d have to add nurses, ambulance drivers and EMTs to that list too.
And let’s not forget public school teachers. What an amazing service they perform for the community, helping to raise the next generation of quality Americans.
But could we possibly sneak onto this list too? 
After all, what would America look like if no one showed up to pick up the trash? Can you imagine?
Have you ever seen a big city like Boston or New York when sanitation workers go on strike? 
Pretty soon you’ve got rats, mice, flies, beetles, mosquitoes and other scavengers coming out of the woodwork. Not a pretty site. And how about the smell! Pee-yeewww!
Which is where SNH Disposal steps in, to remove your waste, debris and garbage and dispose of it properly so our neighborhoods and communities can stay green and clean.
For the finest in residential and commerical trash pickup and disposal, give us a call at (603) 821-0146 and let our friendly trash disposal and garbage removal experts help you get the best deal and the best service today.
As for the economy looking down in the dumps, maybe it will start to pickup after all (sorry).

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